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Striped Maple Acer pensylvanicum

Zone 3-7

Height 20-30' Spread 6-8'


Habitat. The Striped Maple is a smaller, understory tree or shrub.  It grows in and upright-oval to upright-round shape. 

Leaves. Each leaf if 5-7" long, with the same width, and are bright green in the summer.  When they change in the fall they are a beautiful, soft yellow color.  Michael Durr describes it as a "candle glow from the northern woods into southern Appalachians".

Flowers. Greenish-yellow flowers that are bell-shaped, linked together in a strand.  The striped maple will flower at the same time that it puts out leaves in the spring.

Fruit. Striped maples put out "whirly gig" seeds.  The nutlets that are produced have a wing on either side.  These trees do not produce an overwhelming amount of seed, like some maple varieties. The correct name for these fruits are samara.  Because of their winged shape, they travel well when the wind blows.  It is really a fantastic design for seed dispersal!

Winter Buds. Smooth, reddish brown.

Bark. In the family of maples that are known as "snake-barks", this tree has some interesting bark.  The bark generally has white stripes against a green background, but can also have lines that range from green to an almost black color against a reddish background. This is the only "snake-bark" family member that is native to North America.

Wood. Considered a soft maple, the wood is softer and weaker than hard maple.  It is also smaller, with the trunks only measuring in inches.  If the wood is used, it is easy to work with and generally has a straight or wavy grain.  I have read in different places that Native Americans used the wood to make arrows.

Pests. Currently there are no major pest problems with the striped maple.  They can be susceptible to aphids, scale insects, cankers or funguses.  The most serious maple problem would be Verticillium wilt.

Distribution. This is a great native tree to plant.  It's natural range spreads Georgia up into Canada, growing as farm west as Minnesota.

Wildlife Value:  Most noted is the value for wildlife browsing.  Moose, chipmunks, rabbits and deer all consume the branches of the striped maple. 

Soil Requirements:  Dry and well drained soils are best for this tree.

Other.  Great to plant in shady garden areas.  It can grow in more sunny locations, but will not thrive as it does in the shade.  Another name for this tree is the Goosefoot Maple, because its leaves resemble the foot of a goose. 

Cultivars. 'Erytrocladum' - Best known for it's corral colored, young stems. ; 'White Tigress'




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