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Washington Hawthorn

Cretaegus phaenopyrum  Zone 4-8 

Washington Hawthorn is a small tree, 20-30', national champion is 39'. This hawthorn which is native to the eastern third of the USA has a very large range now with the exception of the deep south where it suffers from the heat. The Washington hawthorn makes a very good  hedge and will keep kids and other large animals at bay with the numerous rigid, thorny branches. Hawthorns are more common in the southern half of the lower peninsula of Michigan. While hiking in the UP near the abandoned Cliff mine I came across an impenetrable barrier made of hawthorn. The Finnish & English settlers probably brought the seedlings with them for the small berries they produce and since the larger fruit would not survive in the Copper Country. 

The Washington hawthorn tree can grow in acid, neutral or alkaline soil, clay or sandy soil, it prefers well drained soil but can do ok in wet soil. It has attractive fruit and flowers. Flowers are white with a bit of pink. Fruit is red, 1/4", hanging on thru the winter. One to five seeds to the bunch.  The fruit is edible and is made into jams and jellys.

The leaves are reddish purple early in the spring fading to a dark green as they age. Hawthorn leaves are simple,  oval, with serrated edges. The wood is hard, tough, reddish and close grained. It is used as an ornamental tree, wood used as tool handles & mallets. There are many cultivars of the hawthorn available these days.


The blight will affect these trees but not in a serious way. Twig canker, powdery mildew and leaf spot are moderate problems.


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Crimson Cloud Hawthorn

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Hawthorn-Washington Crataegus phaenopyrum 6-12"

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