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Tulip Poplar  Liriodendron tulipfera

Zone 4-9 

Height 80-200'  Diameter 2-6' up to 11'.


Habitat.  Preferred sites are deep rich soils but can thrive on upland sites as well.

Leaves. Alternate, simple,  5-8" long and wide, 3 to 4 lobes with shallow sinuses, dark green above and pale below, turns yellow in the fall, sometimes looks like it was cut evenly at the end. Leaves randomly orientated and flitter in the breeze like the real poplars. Kind of shaped like a tulip.

Flowers. Tulip poplar flowers are tulip like, 6 orange-greenish pedals at the branch tip. flowers in May with greenish yellow tepals .

Fruit. The fruit is 2-3" long, ripens in September, erect cone, made of dry, flay, winged seed cases that unfolds and drops the seed in winter. Birds and small game eat the seeds.

Winter Buds. The terminal buds are dark red, flattish, sometimes curved and blunt at tip.

Bark. Bark is thick, closely furrowed, with distinct chiseled ridges. The twigs and small branches are faintly striped, similar to a snakebark maple only fainter.

Wood. The wood of tulip poplar is light, 26 pcf, soft, easily worked, pale yellow, used for boat building, wooden ware, hard to split, not durable in contact with the ground. Also used for drawer bottoms, veneer, shingles, pulp, firewood and furniture.

Pests. Very few pests bother tulip poplar.

Distribution. Tulip poplar has a fairly extensive range in the eastern US. Connecticut, Pennsylvania to southern Michigan south to Mississippi and east to Florida. In Michigan it's native range is the southern third of the lower peninsula. My neighbor has a 20' tall tulip poplar in his front yard in West Branch, Michigan. Not a common tree in Michigan. I recall, years ago, a big tulip poplar in the yard of the gunsmith in Grand Ledge, across from the high school.

Other.  One of the largest tree native to the eastern US. Second in size to sycamores in trunk diameter. Tulip poplars often have straight, branchless trunks. Can be difficult to transplant but when established grows like crazy. Tulip poplar are in the magnolia family. Great lawn and shade tree but give it room.  Not related to the poplar family.






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