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Shrub Descriptions

We have native Michigan Shrubs as well as shrubs from around the globe.


Golden Ninebark   H6' Leaves are golden-yellow in full sun. White to pinkish flowers. Red fall color. Dense bushy habit.
Winterberry Holly H7' W7' A deciduous holly with excellent, bright scarlet winter-persistent berries, unless eaten by birds. Can handle wet soils. Needs male and female for fruit.
Dwarf Korean Lilac H5' W6' Unusual, dwarf variety with excellent, uniform habit. Profuse purple blooms at an early age.
White Lilac H14' W10' Single white flowers. Useful as a hedge.
Montaigne Lilac H11' W9' High quality double, pale pink flowers. Longer stem makes this a good cut flower.
Snowflake Mockorange H7' W6' Very double, sweet scented white flowers.
Potentilla H3' W4' We have white, pink and yellows this year. Blooms all summer.
Renaissance Spirea H6' W7' Must be seen to be appreciated. Let us show you the pictures of the neighbors plants. White flowers in June.
Anthony Waterer Spirea H2' W4' Attractive rose-pink flowers in June and July.
Roses  We have tea roses, rugosa roses, climbing roses and many other varieties.
Rose Glow Barberry H3' W2'-3' rounded shape, rose-red foliage with a variegated foliage, yellow flowers and red fruit. Place in full sun for best color.
Red-leaf Barberry H to 5' Reddish-purple leaf throughout season if in full sun
Butterfly Bush H4'-6' W4'-6' Most flower from July to September. Prune to ground in spring since it flowers on new growth. Full sun. We have 6 colors.
Blue Mist Bluebeard H2' W2'-3' Compact low growing, free flowering shrub. Valuable for its long flowering season from late July till frost. The blue flowers bloom on new growth. Cut back to ground in spring. Similar to Butterfly Bushes.
Wintergreen Boxwood H2' W3' Fragrant flowers in April. Makes an excellent low formal hedge. Takes shearing Well. One of the hardiest boxwoods.
European Variegated Dogwood H6'-10' W5'-8' Showy red stems accent the creamy-white and green foliage. Stem color lasts all year long.
Ivory Halo Dogwood H5' W5'  A compact selection of variegated dogwood. A finer textured, fuller, more compact form that lends it to use in smaller areas.
Meadowlark Forsythia H9' W8' Showy bright yellow flowers in spring. Best in full sun.
Pink Giant Hibiscus H8'-12' Single pink flowers that bloom from July till frost. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil.
Annabelle Hydrangea H5' W4' White erect flower heads. Thrives in shade. Flowers may be small first year.
PeeGee Hydrangea H8' W12' Blooms July and August. Very showy, large conical double white flowers change to pinkish-bronze towards autumn.
Winged Burning Bush H10' W10' Known for its winged, corky bark.  Full sun or shade. Good for borders and screens. Excellent for long lasting fall color.
Dwarf Burning Bush H6' W7' More compact form of burning bush.
Snowball Viburnum  H10' W10' Very popular shrub. Blooms profusely after lilacs. Large, double white flowers. Very showy.