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Blue Beech     Carpinus caroliniana       Zone 3-9

Blue Beech also known as American Hornbeam, musclewood  or Ironwood, performs well even in areas inundated with water for several days to a week or two once it is established.  Although Blue Beech is moderately drought-tolerant, it is probably best to provide even established trees with some irrigation during dry spells in the south.  Ironwood grows in sun or shade (as an understory tree in the woods) and tolerates most soils, including wet, but not alkaline.  Blue Beech will grow with an attractive open habit in total shade, but is dense in full sun. Transplant B&B, from containers or bareroot and provide regular irrigation.  Good survival in ice storms.

Clear all turf away from beneath the branches of Blue Beech to reduce competition with turf and remove some branches so they will not touch each other.  Remove some secondary branches from main branches (especially those toward the end of the main branches) if main branches have included bark. This reduces the likelihood of main branches splitting from the tree later when it has grown to become an important part of the landscape.  Locate the tree properly, taking into account the ultimate size since the tree looks best if it is not pruned to control size.  Blue Beech can enhance any landscape with its delightful spring flush of foliage.  It can be the centerpiece of your landscape if properly located. To buy or price blue beech click on the blue prices link below.

Note: Tolerates only slight alkalinity

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