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Balsam Poplar  Populus balsamifera

Zone 2-6 

Height 60-80'  Diameter 1-3'.


Habitat.  Preferred sites are river bottoms but can thrive on upland sites as well as wetter sites.

Leaves. Alternate, simple,  3-5" long and 1/2 as wide, fine toothed edges, dark green above and pale below, usually hairless,  turns yellow in the fall. Leaves randomly orientated and flitter in the breeze like the real poplars. Kind of shaped like a tulip.

Flowers. Balsam poplar April to May before the leaves come out with 3-4" long catkins.

Fruit. May to June, 1/4" long, on the catkins. Birds and small game eat the seeds.

Winter Buds. The terminal buds are about 1" long, pointed, and fragrant when crushed and sticky.

Bark. Twigs are gray to brown. Trunk grayish on older trees, shallowly fissured with ridges.

Wood. The wood of balsam poplar is light, 26 pcf, soft, easily worked, weak, light brown with white sapwood. Used for cheap wooden ware.

Pests. Very few pests bother tulip poplar.

Distribution. Balsam poplar has a fairly extensive range in the eastern US. Maine to New York, Michigan to Nebraska and Alaska. In Michigan it's found thorough the entire state . It is greater in size and more abundant the farther north you go.

Other.  Root sprouts, can be propagated from cuttings, easy to transplant. Good for a shelter tree where others won't survive.

Cultivars. Balm of Gilead





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