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Bald cypress  Taxodium distichum  Deciduous Cypress

Zone 4-10 

Height 75-150' 


Habitat.  Bald cypress is normally a southern tree but in certain spots it will grow as far north as the UP of Michigan. Commonly found in flood plains and swamps through out the south east but does not like high pH but will grow on relatively dry areas also.

Leaves. The needles of the bald cypress are bright yellow-green, normally flat but sometimes 3 sided, on slender greenish twigs that bear them, looking quite feather like on branchlets, scale like, fall in winter. Leaf scars are lacking.

Flowers. Bald cypress flowers are small, showy, near the end of last years growth, purplish and scaly. The pollinating cones are 8" long dangling catkins opening before the leaves emerge.

Fruit. The cones of the Bald Cypress are woody, 1" round, in pairs or singular.

Winter Buds. The buds are small, brownish.

Bark. Bark on young trees lighter but becoming reddish gray on mature trunks with fibrous ridges. Twigs reddish becoming light brown.

Wood. The wood is light, soft, brown, close grained, extremely durable and rot resistant, easy to work, used in construction, doors, boats, shingles, posts, fencing and nails well. Bald Cypress weighs 29# PCF.

Pests. The bald cypress is susceptible to the gall mite but is mainly pest free.

Distribution. Bald cypress are found from coastal Virginia south to the everglades, west to central Texas and up the Mississippi valley to southern Illinois. Scatterings of Bald cypress can be found in nearly all the eastern half of the US.

Other. A great all around landscape tree for the east and is planted widely through Europe. Knees form in the southern range when planted in water.

Cultivars. "falling water", weeping variety. "Shawnee Brave"' pyramidal tree with bluish tint.




Bald cypress

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