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I use a sprayer called a Herbi. The Herbi is a hand held sprayer powered by 4 D batteries and has a 5 pint tank that can be filled with diluted herbicide. It is a commercial grade sprayer that can be used on Christmas trees, fence lines, hardwood plantations and orchards.With a Herbi I can

weed a 4 acre field of trees in around 3 hours.

Unique Herbi Microfit system saves time, money and labor. Controlled droplet or CDA , ultra low volume sprayer delivers approximately 250 micron-size droplets in a 4ft. swath. Conserves chemical, reduces drift and allows precise control while using up to 40 times less water than conventional sprayers. Powered by 4 D-cell batteries. One 5 pint tank treats 3/4 acre. Ideal for applying Roundup, Paraquat, and other non-selective chemicals. The Herbi can apply Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) formulas or traditional water-based products at spray volumes of 5-20 liters/acre. Used worldwide for general clean-up, border, pathway, or strip spraying, and spraying of large areas by making consecutive spray passes.

Herbi sprayer $365 plus shipping.

The trees below were sprayed on May 15th and the photo's were taken July 3rd.

Row on left sprayed 6 weeks ago. Row on right not sprayed. Herby cleans the weeds right up to the trees.