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Hardwood Trees: Dogwood Tree, Sugar Maple, Birch Tree, Red Maple, White Oak Tree & More...

Pat, Frankie, Molly & Maggy Hanlon


Hardwood Tree

Porky farm offers many hardwood tree choices to you in a variety of species grown both in their native homes as well as in other locales. The Sugar Maple is one of our most popular choices because it is a lumber producing tree as well as the famous producer of maple syrup. Known as the producer of one of root beer's key ingredients, the Birch tree is a lovely addition to any landscape and also produces a lovely scent in the warmer months of the year.

Generally a smaller specimen, the Dogwood tree is a beautiful and quaint reminder of the Old South. With gorgeous cross-shaped blossoms that cover the entire treetop, this is a colorful display for the front of any home.

As one of the most important lumber trees in our country, the White oak is native to most parts of the Northeastern region of the United States. Used for the making of fine furniture and sturdy house frames, the white oak is an abundant and lovely tree that we offer at Porky Farm. Additionally, we also keep a large stock of Red maple in stock this lovely hardwood is also known as the Scarlet maple or the Swamp maple. It is a deciduous tree, and during autumn, it drops its leaves in the most beautiful array of colors.

Hardwood Tree

Dogwood, Birch, Maples, Oaks, Walnut, Buckeye, Honeylocust


Yellow River Birch Paper Japanese Birch Chinese Paper Monarch Jacquemontii Weeping Cut Leaf Crimson Frost  


Gray Kousa Red Osier Silky White Flowering Red Twig        


Amur Crimson King Norway Japanese Paperbark Red Maple Silver Sugar Maple Striped Variegated


Black Burr English Pin Oak Red Oak Sawtooth Scarlet Swamp Chestnut Swamp White White Oak


Butternut Black English Japanese         Alder  


Beech Cherry Chinese Chestnut American Chestnut Cottonwoods Black Gum Hackberry Hawthorne Hazlenut Hickory


linden Black Locust Mt. Ash Willow Pauwlownia Tomentosa Poplars Logging      

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